Friday, December 22, 2006

Call For Help #458 12/22/2006

Episode #458 12/22/2006 [Torrent]

Custom PSP firmware hacks, Dig up and clean up your digital dirt from the Web, Running Linux software by skipping installation steps, MediaCoder (Windows/Linux).

DL.TV Episode #122 12/22/2006

Episode 122

Patrick's Out For the Holidays
GP2X: An open source portable gaming device...Is it any good?
We have a quick look at OpenOffice. Can't afford the Office Suite from the other company, go to
Roger received an email from Finland. Something about Finland and Russia are not one in the same. Oops.
Ready for the Wii Weather? Robert has a first look at a cool update for the Wii.

Call For Help #456 12/21/2006

Call For Help 12/21/2o06 [Torrent] 191.5MB

Using steganography to hide secret documents, Reviewing the latest iPod Shuffle model, Using the 55mm filter in Photoshop for filmic effects, Nostalgia (Windows).

MacBreak Episode 34 12/21/2006

Episode 34

Sal Soghoian is back to teach us how to create auto-presenting Keynote presentations with Applescript and text-to-speech voices from Cepstral.

Cranky Geeks Episode 41 12/21/2006

Episode 41

The Topics:
Is Vista a battery killer?
No more flaming laptops! Spark resistant batteries on the way
Last minute stocking stuffers
Retailers make MILLIONS from unused gift cards!
Wii strap recalled, Cranky fan hits dog upside the head (by accident)
Games of Faith - convert or die!
Gates says DRM too complex and robots PCs are the future